At Bruriah's Junior High division, we view each student as an individual – with a unique set of talents and strengths. To help develop those strengths, the following opportunities are available to our girls.


  • Torah Bowl

Torah Bowl is a premier Torah competition that provides Yeshiva Junior High School students with the opportunity to study Chumash with Peirush Rashi on a level of competitive proficiency.  Over the course of the year, there are 4-5 meets, where our students compete with Junior High girls from other schools in the NJ area.  Though much independent study is essential, the Torah Bowl team meets with a coach on a weekly basis to receive guidance and direction.

  • Basketball Team

The Junior High Basketball Team provides athletic girls with the opportunity to enjoy participating in a group sport as well to learn positive peer interactions. Basketball season begins in early October and ends in February. Our team practices on Sundays and plays against many schools from the tri-state area. There are approximately 10 Basketball games a year. For girls who like to get involved, but don’t like to actually play, we have 2 Basketball Managers who come along to the games and are in charge of the equipment.

  • Newsletter

The weekly Junior High newsletter has been a “must-read” for teachers and students alike in the past 2 years since its inception. An editorial board is chosen to generate stories, divrei torah, interviews, as well as humor articles.  Someone with strong computer skills would be a great asset to the newsletter staff.


  • S.O.


School spirit is an integral part of our Junior High. S.O. provides girls with the chance to organize programs, trips, and activities.  Elections are held early in the year to choose a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Under the guidance of the Programs Coordinator, the S.O. team works together to generate ideas and carry them out. Their creativity and leadership helps provide a fun and enjoyable time for everyone.